Area Allocation Request

The Interporto Pordenone Wholesale Centre S.p.A. is authorised to assign ownership of the areas within the context of the PIP Production Installation Plan of the uniform H1 Pordenone Wholesale Trade Centre zone, developed and approved in accordance with Article 27 of Italian Law no. 865 dated 22nd October 1971 and Title IV, Section II of Regional Urban Law no. 52 dated 19th November 1991.
These areas, included in the Multiyear Implementation Programmes of the uniform H1 Pordenone Wholesale Trade Centre zone under the Production Installation Plan, may only be assigned subject to tender of a public procurement procedure according to the regulation in force and at the price set annually with Council approval.

The following areas are still available:
1. Plot no.5 30,446 m2
2. Plot no.7 6,394 m2
3. Plot no.12 9,940 m2.

If the Company receives request for assignation of the abovementioned areas by operators from the sectors listed in Art. 7 of the Technical Implementation Rules of Variant no. 2 of the PIP (appendix), it will put out the tender.

estratto-var-2-del-pip-art – 349 kB

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