The Interporto Pordenone Wholesale Centre S.p.A., located South of Pordenone in Villanova, is part of the P.I.P. (Production Installation Plan) and as such is regulated by specific Council rules therefore the business which intends to trade within the area must belong to those listed in Art. 7 of the PIP Technical Implementation Rules (appendix A).
Once operators have assessed compatibility of the business and the specifics of the area and premises, they must send their assignment application to Interporto Pordenone Wholesale Centre S.p.A. along with their applicant verification self-certification (appendix 1 and 2).
Once verification is complete and terms have been agreed, the operator may draw up the rental contract.

Appendix A: estratto-var-2-del-pip-art – 349 kB
Appendix 1: istanza-locazione – 14 kB
Appendix 2: autocertificazione-per-affitti – 18 kB

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