The Interporto Pordenone area houses a customs services centre which simplifies and speeds up customs clearance for both import and export. It also performs goods checks and inspections. The services provided cover excise duties and customs matters. In particular:

Customs Sector
– Acceptance and registration of customs declarations bound to the different regimes currently in force (importation, exportation, transit, etc.).
– prior authorisation for admission to economic and suspensive customs regimes.
– preliminary phases of applications for issue of authorisations to operators for customs domiciling and authorisation of notice of customs deposits.
– preliminary phases for issue of the AEO (authorised economic operator) qualification.
– Acquisition and checking of summary lists of purchases.
– Customs litigation.
– User assistance and information.

Excise Sector
– Inspections and checks, providing for issue of excise sector authorisation measures.
– Handling and checking of accounts of economic operators liable for excise duty (energy products, spirits, electricity, lubricants and ultra-heavy oils sectors).
– Approval of administrative documents (AAD and SAD) and stamping of accounts ledgers.
– Issue of on- and off-premises licences for retail sales of alcohol products.


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